NTSC-PAL Converters


NTSC-PAL Converters are also called Standards Converters and allow you to convert video signals between a wide variety of worldwide broadcast television standards, such as NTSC, PAL and SECAM. Bi-directional conversion allows you to go in both directions. For example, if you have a video tape from Europe in the PAL standard and a PAL VCR, you can play it back through a Standards Converter and change it to an NTSC signal to view it on a regular USA-type TV Set or record it onto a standard USA-type VCR. We offer three levels of standards conversion:

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Standards Converter - Bi-directional NTSC-PAL-SECAM - with Horizontal and Vertical Framerate Conversion and Motion Compensation - Our Most Popular Model
19" Rackmount Version of the CDM-830T

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