Video/Audio Routing Switchers


Routing Switchers are also called Signal Selectors, AV Selectors or just Routers. A standard Routing Switcher can have multiple video and audio signals from a number of sources, such as VCR's, Video Game Consoles, DVD Players, etc, connected to its inputs. Its output or outputs can go to one or more destinations, such as VCR's or TV Sets.  You can select which input goes to the output(s) with the push of a button, without moving audio and video cables around.  A Matrix Router has the added flexibility of being able to route any one of the input signals to any one of the multiple outputs or to all the destination devices. Mechanical Passive Selectors just provide signal selection without any amplification or processing, since they require no power supply.

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Product Description
4x4 HDMI Version 1.3 Matrix Switcher
4x1 HDMI Version 1.4 Routing Switcher with Fast Switch Technology
Multi-Format HDMI Version 1.3 Routing Switcher

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