AVT-8710 Time Base Corrector


AVT-8710 TBC is a Multi-system Time Base Corrector/Frame Synchronizer that accommodates most NTSC, PAL and SECAM video signal standards.  It eliminates picture jitter and time base errors from videotape playback and insures a stable on-screen image through the use of dual-field full-frame reconstruction.  It restores distorted or misshapen vertical and horizontal sync and color burst signals.  An integral Processing Amplifier allows the adjustment of Brightness, Contrast, Color Saturation, Hue and Sharpness.  A Digital Comb Filter provides superior video signal decoding and the AGC (Automatic Gain Control) insures a proper one volt output signal from an input signal range of 0.5 to 2.0 volts.  A built-in Color Bar Generator sends out a test pattern when there is no video input.  The unit has Composite Video and S-Video In and Out and comes with an external 15VDC Power Adapter.  

AVT-8710 Features and Specs
  • Video Input: Composite Video and S-Video  
  • Video Output: Composite Video and S-Video  
  • Video Standards: NTSC, NTSC 4.43, PAL (B, D, G, I, K), PAL-M, PAL-N and SECAM  
  • Video Adjustments: Brightness, Contrast, Color, Tint (NTSC) and Sharpness  
  • Built-in Color Bar Generator  
  • Automatic Gain Control  
  • Size 1.3" High x 3.5" Wide x 5.7" Deep ( 33mm x 90mm x 145mm )  
  • Weight 7 ounces (0.2kg)  
  • 115VAC to 15VDC Power Adapter included  
  • One-Year Limited Warranty  

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AVT-8710 Front AVT-8710 Iso AVT-8710 Rear

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